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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

When I first came across the poem “Open LORD My Inward Ear” written by Charles Wesley, I realised at once that here was a man who knew the secret of a genuine relationship with The Lord God! He was alert to the depth and hidden subtlety of sin within but was ready to yield every thought to obey The LORD! He knew that God was not likely to speak to him through signs and wonders such as in the whirlwind or in an earthquake but by means of a still small voice. If so, how must we, like Wesley, be willing to withdraw from the noise and the countless distractions of the world so that we would not lose out on the most valuable thing in life. The stability of this ongoing relationship with The LORD requires our attentive listening to and obeying His voice. I’m truly blessed by the faithful ones who had gone ahead of me and left me with such a shining example!

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