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The Only Perfect Man

The Only Perfect Man: The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ (c) 2014, 2nd edition 2016, Eric H.H. Chang, ISBN 978-1494967710 (original Createspace edition). All Rights Reserved.


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Book Description

From the back cover: Jesus Christ embodies God’s glory and fullness. More than that, he is the only perfect man who has ever lived. But whereas his perfection is often taken for granted and regarded as a given fact, on the contrary it is a most stupendous achievement unparalleled in salvation history, for it was as a true man and not the trinitarian “God-man” that Jesus became perfect through suffering, obedience, and God’s indwelling. He was consequently exalted to God’s right hand as His supreme plenipotentiary, and given all authority in heaven and on earth. Hence the subtitle of the book, “The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ” (2Cor.4:6).

Topics discussed in this book: • Yahweh the only true God • The historical roots of trinitarianism • Jesus of the Bible versus Jesus of trinitarianism • The four pillars of trinitarianism (John 1, Colossians 1, Hebrews 1, Revelation 1) • Jesus as the “form of God” in Philippians 2 • The name above all names given to Jesus • Jesus’ perfection as a model and inspiration to God’s people • God’s glory manifested in Jesus Christ, the perfect image of God.

Eric H.H. Chang was born in Shanghai, and came to know God in post-liberation China through a series of miracles. He graduated from the Bible Training Institute (Glasgow), London Bible College, and the University of London (Arts and Divinity, King’s College and SOAS). He has done pastoral work in England, Canada, and Hong Kong. His publications include The Only True God: A Study of Biblical Monotheism.


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