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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

When I first came across the word “consecration” in this poem, I wondered how honestly I could keep to this high calling. Then as I pondered more on the Scriptures, I began to realise that since God Yahweh is holy and perfect, no wonder that His command for those of us who desire to be of use to Him must also be holy. The process in our growing in holiness has to do with our being set apart for the renewing of our minds every day.

In fact, I can testify that this process has been deeply refreshing as I began to perceive things in a brand-new way. At times, it even came as a total surprise in an instant. So, it is a testimony to the faithfulness of God’s promises, because He would not command me to live a life without granting me the needed grace and strength to follow through His Holy Spirit. Yet, this also means that I must obey Him even when I may not understand the reasons for doing so at times! What a privilege to observe His moulding so long as I do the yielding! At other times, I feel that I am an observer alongside Him when He graciously move in someone else’s life through this unworthy vessel in His hand!

Since I am not the source of love nor wisdom but am only a channel, that is why I am most grateful for the privilege of being a vessel set aside for His use! As such, someone nearby may be drawn to Him because they also know that I am but a maidservant in God’s hand!

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