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My Life is Not My Own (Christine Chung)

My Life is Not My Own

by Christine Chung, May, 2008

The following is my most recent experience, and I would like to testify to God’s faithfulness.

Since my retirement, I have been trying to skip lunch as a measure to lose weight, since I’m no longer using up so much energy.

I was at home on 15th May 2008. Around two o’clock, I suddenly felt hungry. I think it might be because I had taken a Vitamin B tablet. So, I took out a small bowl of overnight rice from the refrigerator and poured in a small amount of warm soup to eat it with.

After taking two spoonfuls, suddenly I found myself having difficulty swallowing. I was choking! My throat hurt, and I was short of breath. I quickly drank some water thinking it would certainly help, but instead, it got worse. I was really having problems breathing now. I went to the window and tried to call for help; perhaps my neighbour would hear me. But even that failed, as I found I had no voice!

At that very moment, I felt a great force come from behind. It was so powerful that the food dislodged from my throat and was thrust out onto the floor, and through the window, and out to the garden. Imagine how great that force was!

Sadly, my first thought was a grumbling one, as I bemoaned the fact that I had only just mopped the floor, and now it was all messy with what I threw up.

But then, it dawned on me. Where did that big whack on my back come from? Who did it? It was only then that I realised it must be the LORD. Nobody else was home. I thanked the merciful LORD; He had rescued me from choking to death.

This incident caused me to seriously reflect upon my life. I noticed that I was still doing things my own way and I was not surrendering everything into His mighty hands. Why had I not immediately called upon HIM? Instead I had tried to solve it in my own way first.

God has always been beside me; how could I have ignored Him?

I have come before the LORD to say how sorry I am.

Life is not in our own hands; it is in the hands of our merciful Father in Heaven.

I know now more than ever that He has given me this life in this body and I am only a steward to take care of my health so that my life can be useful in His hands.

I have promised God that I will serve Him even more and I will always be willing to be used by Him for His name to be glorified. I came so close to death, that I consider what I have now a kind of resurrection life. I want to always be a living testimony to His glory.

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