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First, I wish to offer my most profound gratitude to my God and Father, Yahweh, for His ever-present loving and patient encourage­ment, and for granting amazing empowering to edit, after I had trans­cribed the audio recordings of Pastor Eric’s sermons in this book. This book, which I owe to Yahweh God and Pastor Eric Chang, would not exist but for Yahweh.

My deepest gratitude is also due to:

Pastor Bentley C. F. Chan, for his skilled, competent and exper­ienced contribution in computer expertise to design the inter­ior of this book; compile the Scripture Index; do the legal and administrative work in publishing. He has not only been kind, patient and meticulous, but has also gone to great lengths to advise, to give supportive help. Most essentially, he did the very final editing, and made this book possible.

Pastor John K. K. Teo, for his kind and excellent help to do the prelim­inary interior design; to reproduce, in Volume One, the illustrat­ion chart in the Parable of the Sower in Tian Guo de Biyu; and to do the important first-round proof­reading of both Volumes One and Two, that is, checking content citations, punctuation, spelling, and suggest­ing writ­ing improvement. His contribution is greatly valued.

Brother Winston Lam, for generously dedicating his time to the initial editing of many of the parables in the Gospel of Matthew in 2002-03.

Brother Tang Chiang Boon, for his kind and expert contrib­ut­ion to design the pleasant and thematically-linked book covers of Volumes One and Two.

The Chinese Translation & Editorial Team for their outstand­ing pub­lication of Pastor Eric Chang’s sermons on Jesus’ para­bles in Matthew chapter 13, Tian Guo de Biyu [天国的比喻, Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven], which I used for reference; and for their excellent illustration chart in the Parable of the Sower, which I have inserted in Volume One.

Winnie Yee


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